Through out Ben Boyd's life his primary talents have been in the fields of Art, Dance and Music. Upon coming to Alaska in 1975 he added to those talents by living a Traditional Native Subsistence way of life which expanded his talents to Dog Mushing, Hunting, Trapping, Fishing and Arctic Survival Skills. He came out of the Wilderness in 1989 to attend University of Alaska Fairbanks to work on a Tourism Project for the Venetie Tribal Government.

In 1995 he received a BA Degree from UAF Department of Rural Development. His studies had an emphasis on Cultural Tourism Development and as part of his studies and projects developed, marketed, and managed a Native Culture Tour for the Venitie Tribal Goverment. With zero investment from the Tribe he was able to start the business by obtaining State and Federal Grants that brought about Youth Programs for Cultural Activities presented as Tourism Presentations. Marketing for both Domestic and Japanese Tourism with videos and marketing materials in both languages. Attendance at Trade Shows and NHK Broadcasting in Japan. The project brought about supplementry income to the Tribal Members while helping to maintain Cultural Activities. "Cultural Preservation through Cultural Presentation" was the moto for the Tour.

In 2001 he received a Masters Degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, for who he has also taught. He worked on multimedia and video productions to pursue an Interdisciplinary Degree in Cultural Documentation / Video Production from the Art, Journalism and Communication Departments. He spent six years managing the Tribal Tourism while working full time on the degree and has more than three times as many credits as required. He had to continue in order to keep up with the evolving technology and because he needed access to equipment to work on actual projects. He continued to use projects for marketing the Tourism Project.



Boyd Communications is owned and operated by Mie Kojima-Boyd and Ben Boyd. The company authors websites and produces Multimedia and Video Productions both in English and Japanese. It specializes in Tourism Marketing and Native Culture and Wildlife Video Productions.

Ben Boyd worked for 12 years as Expediter for Doyon Tourism Inc. a subsidiary of Doyon Limited an Alaska Native Regional Corporation. Other duties have encluded Wildlife Tour Guide, Dogteam Presentation, Native Culture Programs, Hoop Dance Performances, Special Projects Director and Internet Marketing.

Mie Kojima-Boyd and Ben Boyd manage and market 5 Star Log Cabins (Alaska Vacation Rentals). www.5starlogcabins.com

Ben Boyd owns and operates Alaska Northern Lights Tours an evening of viewing Aurora and Native Culture Shows that operated Nov. - March each winter.

Boyd is a Wildlife Cameraman with many Alaska Wildlife Videos on Youtube. CLICK TO SEE WILDLIFE VIDEOS

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Boyd is six credits short of having a Masters Degree in Secondary Education. He has had Graudate level courses in curriculum development that has been an influence in his preperation of Study Tours.



Ben Boyd has been a professional musician since age thirteen peforming R&R in Teen Dance Clubs. He is age 68 and has be playing R&R since the 50's when it began. He learned to play Rythem & Blues in the 60's while playing in Black R&B Bands in St. Louis and later played in Hippie Bands in LA. He has played in groups with hit recordings and worked in recording studios in Hollywood California. He continued to work there as a recording and video producer. He played in clubs in Fairbanks during the pipeline era and helped start some of the first Native Bands in the Indian Villages above the Yukon River where he was an Itinerant Music Teacher in seven Indian villages.

Ben Boyd's Dog Team Presentation

Performance at Alaska State Fair Video

Ben Boyd's recordings are comprised of instrument tracks, backup vocals, and lead vocals all performed by himself. He performs a 60's Hit Music Show that presents some of the most famous recordings of that era. He has been playing the songs in these performances ever since they first came out. Using computer technology he is able to play and mix all of the instrument and back-up vocals, for accompaniment for his singing and insturmental solos. It is a One Man Band performance. He is also the oldest professional Indian Hoop Dancers in America today and gives performances that include both 60's Hit Music and Native Hoop Dancing.

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Perhaps, his best talent is Indian Dancing.
He started dancing at age six and was a professional dancer at age thirteen. There are two types of dance he specialize in, Fancy Dance and Hoop Dance. Both are considered the most difficult forms of Inter-Tribal Dancing and are usually done by young men and women up to their mid thirties. He is now 70 and still does these dances like he did when he was a teenager. Is the oldest performing Native Hoop Dancer in the World using 28 hoops. When he was sixty he started Hoop Dancing again, after a twenty year break, so that his daughter Hanna, then 3 years old, could learn the dance. Hanna is now 12 and uses 14 hoops.

Ben Boyd and Grandfather 1962
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Ben is a descendent of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. His family escaped into the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and that is where he grew up and spent summers in Oklahoma dancing at Powwows. These days, Ben is a Lead Dancer for Powwows in Alaska and Elder Advisor and Council Member for the annual Midnight Sun Powwow held in Fairbanks in July.